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Dinosaur Names for Kids (And How to Learn Them)

T-Rex Dinosaur Names for kids

Do you have a child who loves dinosaurs and do you want to encourage your child to learn more about this mysterious creature? You’ve come to the right place! At Dinosaur Heroes we are parents of dinosaur-obsessed kids, and dedicate…

What to Teach Kids About Dinosaurs (16 Exciting Ideas)

joyce-adams-Dinosaur for kids

Dinosaur is an incredibly diverse topic that provides lots of learning opportunities for children, whether they are young preschoolers or school-aged children. It is also a fun and engaging way to get children, even preschoolers, excited about science! In this…

How to Throw An Epic Dinosaur Party (+ FREE Ideas)


To throw the perfect dinosaur party, you need dinosaur-themed decorations, party stationeries, food, favors and most importantly, activity ideas to keep the little guests entertained. In this guide we’ve included free, DIY and budget friendly ideas to help you throw…