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Dinosaur Word Search by Dinosaur Heroes


This is a fun and challenging word search puzzle for kids. In this dinosaur word search, kids will find all the words related to dinosaurs. They will learn new words while they complete the puzzle and they can use them…

What Age Kids Play With Dinosaurs (Is it Healthy?)

Velociraptor dinosaur moodel for kids

Many parents don’t remember the precise point during which their child’s intense interest in dinosaurs develop. Sometimes the interest may be sparked by a special gift from a parent – for instance, a toy dinosaur set after a father’s business…

8 Benefits of Playing With Dinosaurs (+Play Ideas)

Learning about dinosaurs for kids

Perhaps you have a child who’s obsessed with dinosaurs and you are wondering if that is healthy and whether you should encourage this interest. In this article we will explore the many benefits of playing with dinosaurs, different activities and…