Epic List of Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages for Kids and Toddlers

The interrnet is a wonderful place. There are plenty of resources available online, most of which are free, that you can use to teach your kids a new skill, such as coloring and drawing.

Coloring pages are absolutely one of parents’ favorites when it comes to occupying childrens’ time in a productive way. Just look at the many crayons, colored pencils and coloring booklets provided by childen-friendly restaurants around the world!

Coloring requires focus, which is probably the number one reason why parents love them. They keep children quiet while waiting at the dinner table. Children love them too! Coloring and drawing gives children a creative outlet and a sense of control, which they typically lack on a day-to-day basis.

Where to find dinosaur coloring pages?

For children who love dinosaurs, dinosaur coloring pages are perfect!

In this article, we’ve listed a collection of FREE dinosaur coloring pages you can easily print at home yourself. No annoying email sign ups required! The list includes general dinosaur coloring pages, and also ones from popular movies like The Good Dinosaur, Dinosaur Train and Jurassic World. Some of the printables are simple and easy, some are more complex and more suitable for adults. Whatever your requirements are, there is a dinosaur coloring page for you.

The Biggest Collection

by Homemade Gifts Made Easy

This is the absolute best resource we’ve found so far. Not only do they have the biggest list of free dinosaur coloring printables (over 100 pdf pages from the last time we counted), they also include dinosaur tracing papers too.

Best of all, they are all entirely free to print.

Get them here

The Most Adorable Collection

by I Heart Crafty Things

This collection is all about cute-ness! Every dinosaur in this collection has giant sparkly eyes and a big smile. Nothing like the scary animals we see in movies like Jurassic World!

Most of the coloring pages have clean, simple lines with big spaces to color in. That’s why we think this collection is most suitable for younger kids between the ages of 3-6.

Get them here

Jurassic World Theme

by Best Coloring Pages for Kids

If your children are obsessed with Jurassic World or Jurassic Park the movies, then this is the collection for you. They have about 20 printable coloring pages in the Jurassic theme, including the Lego version of Jurassic World.

Get them here

Suitable for Adults

by Verb Now

Verb Now is an online resources site for parents. They have drawing, coloring resources and toys recommendatons on their site, including this intricate looking dinosaur coloring page.

We particularly like this busy looking dinosaur world coloring page, which we think is more suitable for older children and adults.

Get them here

Other notable coloring Resources for Dinosaur Obsessed Kids

Here are a few more random dinosaur coloring collections we’ve come across, including a few branded ones like Dinosaur Train and The Good Dinosaur.


by Free Coloring Pages

12 sketches of dinosaurs and ice age related animals. A bit of a haphazard collection with different drawing styles, but an interesting collection of coloring pages nonetheless.

Get them here

by Mom Junction

Although Mom Junction is more recognized as the blog to find baby names and pregnancy articles, I am not entirely surprised this popular mommy blog has their very own free dinosaur printables.

Their collection includes 35 printables and are all free to print.

Get them here

Dinosaur Train Coloring Pages

Calling all Dinosaur Train fans… Color in Buddy, the Train Conductor, the Pteranodons and his friends! Join Buddy and his friends as they hop aboard the time-travelling train and into the world of dinosaurs.

Get them here

What Is Dinosaur Train?
Dinosaur Train is a computer-animated musical children’s TV series featuring a curious young T-rex named Buddy who, together with his adopted Pteranodon family, takes the Dinosaur Train to explore the prehistoric period, and have adventures with a variety of dinosaurs.

The Good Dinosaur Coloring Pages

26 pages of coloring sheets by the Coloring Book following the story of young Arlo, who got lost during a rain storm and went on an epic adventure with a Neanderthal boy to be reunited with his family once again.

Get them here

What Is The Good Dinosaur?
The Good Dinosaur is a 2015 American computer-animated adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. In a world where dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side, an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend…

Why Coloring is Good for Kids Development

Coloring improves focus, helps develop children’s fine motor skills and nurtures creativity. Nowadays, children spend so much time on their iPads and TVs, it is difficult to find an activity they like doing that isn’t screen based.

Coloring is a form of self expression

Many children live in a fairly restrictive world. They have set routines and are usually told what to do, what NOT to do, what to eat and how to behave on a regular basis. Coloring and drawing is a chance for children to express themselves freely. They can choose what colors to use (who says dinosaurs can’t be blue!), how they want to color (neatly or all over the place) and they can easily make it as detailed or as abstract as they want.

Coloring is relaxing

Although it can be hard to imagine, children can get stressed too. Just like how adults love using mindfulness coloring books and Paint By Numbers to relax, children often find coloring a calm and quiet experience that relieve stress. Coloring encourages children to relax, simply by getting them to focus on one activity at a time. This is particularly helpful for children who get agitated easily by negative emotions and frustrations.

Coloring helps with writing

Coloring can be a great foundation for building children’s writing skills. Children learn how to hold a pen and make deliberate marks on paper. Keeping colors within the coloring lines is a skill that children learn through coloring, and this can help them learn how to control and use a pencil when it comes to writing.

Other Mindful Activities for Kids

Aside from coloring, another activity that is great for improving children’s focus is completing puzzles. This can take the form of jigsaw puzzles, logo blocks, or even word search games like the ones you get in children’s magazines. At Dinosaur Heroes we’ve created our very own Dinosaur and Prehistoric Themed Word Search Puzzle, entirely FREE for our readers to download, print and enjoy. Get your copy here!

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