Toddler Dinosaur Costumes (The Best 2023 finds)

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Dinosaur costumes are one of the favourite dressing up outfits among many toddlers. And there is a reason for this – dinosaurs are awesome! Even parents who never knew they liked dinosaurs find toddlers in dinosaur costumes irresistibly cute!

And if you are buying this as a gift, be rest assured that this is a perfectly safe, gender neutral option for both boys and girls.

Whether you are buying this for your toddler for Halloween, or if you are simply getting it as a fun role play activity for your toddler at home or at a children’s play date, fear not! We’ve search high and low for the best dinosaur costumes as reviewed by parents worldwide.

Best Toddler Dinosaur Costumes – Our Picks

  1. Dinosaur Toddler Onesie
    (Size: From 0 months+ | Price: $)

    By far one of the most popular options out there, and for good reason. This dinosaur fleece romper is made of 100% cotton with an easy zip closure (in case you need quick and easy access to change the baby’s diaper. The cute contrasting spine runs all the way down the back, from the hood to a little tail.

    Why we like it: Plenty of size options from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, all the way up to 4.5 years. There are two colour options for dinosaurs – pink and green, but many more outfits to dress up as unicorns, tiger and elephant too.
    With 2000+ nearly 5 star reviews, you can’t really go wrong with this. Here is a review from Jeny, “If I could give it more stars I would. I highly recommend this costume for all moms who want their kids to be comfortable while dressing up. This is not just a costume it could also be fun PJ for kids.”

    Dinosaur Toddler Onesie CostumeDinosaur Toddler Onesie

  2. Inflatable Velociraptor
    (Size: 39″-47″ (approximately 2 to 5 years) | Price: $$)

    Our personal favourite, this inflatable dinosaur costume makes your toddler look like he or she is actually “riding” on a dinosaur, tromping around the house. A powerful in-built fan inflates the entire dinosaur balloon in 30 seconds, making sure your toddler doesn’t have long to wait to start having fun.

    Why we like it: Something a little different and quirky to catch the attention of your party guests. Plus plenty of fun for the toddler to find themselves transformed into a dinosaur as the costume inflates! There are two types of dinosaurs to choose from – Velociraptor and Trex. The video in the description does a good job in showing how incredibly adorable it is for a toddler to be dressed up in it.
  3. Rubies’ Plush Dinosaur Costume
    (Size: 34″ and 43″ (approximately 1 to 4 years) | Price: $)

    A unisex green and orange full dinosaur jumpsuit with a head piece, paws and a tail. The unique thing about this costume is a sound button right on the belly of the dinosaur that, when pressed, makes a cute roaring noise.

    Why we like it: The sound button on the belly – even though some reviewers have commented that it sounded more like a goofy elephant than a scary roar – is an absolutely favourite among the kids, giving them an opportunity to interact with the costume and play with it. Kat said ” This costume is adorable, vibrant, soft, and I was impressed with the quality compared to most other ‘bag costumes’. Love the tail…it waddled back and forth as my son was running around!”

    Rubies Plush Dinosaur Costume
  4. Spooktacular Dinosaur and Egg Set
    (Size: 33″-48″ (approximately 3 to 7 years)| Price: $)

    A bright orange, halloween themed Pterodactyl dinosaur costume with underarm wings. Comes in a set with a body suit, a head piece and a bonus dinosaur egg! Comes in two size options for toddlers and younger kids.

    Why we like it: We love how kids can flap around their wings and pretend to fly in this outfit, totally playing out their imagination living like a dinosaur. One mother said “We bought in Sep 2019, my son wore every day leading up to Halloween. AND he still wears it any time he feels like dressing up as a dinosaur/dragon (his choice what he is that day).” Note that the sizing runs a little big so be sure to check out their size chart before making an order.

    Spooktacular Dinosaur and Egg Costume
  5. Spocktacular T Rex with Egg (Small)
    (Size: From 12 to 24 months | Price: $)

    Another one from the Spooktacular collection of halloween costumes. If the previous option feels a little too big for your toddler, this one is made for smaller babies from 12 months. Made of 100% non-toxic polyester and is US safety test approved.

    Why we like it: Similar to the previous Spooktacular outfit, this costume set comes with a head piece and a little dinosaur egg that your toddler can learn to cherish and “incubate”. If you don’t want a T Rex, there is also a Triceratops version that is equally adorable.

    Spooktacular T Rex and Egg Costume Small
  6. Princess Paradise T Rex Costume
    (Size: From 24 to 36 months | Price: $$)

    A full body Trex Outfit with sparkly green spikes running down the back all the way to the tail. Made to be worn over warm layers, gloves and shoes so that your little one can stay warm when venturing outdoors.

    Why we like it: Most reviewers are pleasantly surprised at the build quality, noting that the costume is well made and comfortable to wear. The sparkly black and gold print makes the body looks like dinosaur scale, adding a layer of authenticity to the costume. Sarah puts it best “Our son tried it on and immediately started yelling “roar, roar” and stomping around the house like a little Godzilla!” Elasticated ankles with an opening so this costume can be worn outdoors with shoes – a perfect trick or treat companion.

    Princess Paradise T Rec Costume
  7. Meri Meri Dinosaur Cape
    (Size: 3-7 years | Price: $$)

    If you don’t fancy a full costume, you might want to consider a dinosaur cape that is thinner, and more suitable for warmer weathers. Also known as a Dragon cape and headdress combo instantly converts your toddler into fierce, flame spitting dragon that can fly. Made by Meri Meri.

    Why we like it: An easy to put on option for slightly older kids to explore their fantasy. Kids can slip the cape over their head themselves easily, keeping all their clothes on, making this a great costume for book days, birthday parties and more.

    Meri Meri Dinoosaur Cape
  8. Personalised Dinosaur Dressing Gown
    (Size: 0 months – 6 years | Price: $$)

    A dark grey fleece dinosaur themed dressing gown by My First Years. Can be personalised with up to 9 characters embroidered on the chest section. The dress robes come pre-packaged in a beautiful gift box, which is perfect as a gift.

    Why we like it: It’s always wonderful to receive a personalised gift from friends and family. This baby & toddler dressing gown is super incredibly adorable, and super cozy to keep the little ones snug and cuddly after a warm bath. We like that it is machine washable and comes in sizes all the way from newborn to six years old. The colours are vibrant, fun and really come alive in the light.

    Personalised Dinosaur Dressing Gown

Why imaginative play with dinosaur costumes are great

Encourage spontaneity & creativity

Imaginative play, or role play, is when a child uses their imagination live out a make-believe scenario they have either experienced or would like to experience. These kind of open-ended, unstructured play is often fun and spontaneous, with no expectation of specific results and goals.

Develop social-emotional resilience

Imaginative play is crucial in helping a child learn, not just creativity, but also the ability to socially bond with others. It teaches them to respect others, communicate and build a strong foundation for social-emotional resilience.

Promotes psychological safety & bonding

Costumes are great because they signal to the child that it is “pretend” time, and allow the child the feeling of psychological safety in order to act as silly as they’d like, knowing they wouldn’t be reprimanded for not acting “as they should be” (think howling like a wolf or crawling like a snake).


Dinosaur costumes are the perfect role-playing companion for Halloween, school plays and play dates. It is a fun and safe option for many events, and is featured in many children stories like Ten Little Dinosaurs, Peppa Pig: George and the Dinosaur and The Dinos on the Bus which means you can even dress up during story time. In short, dinosaur costumers make a great gift for a toddler and the chance to play out a magnificent character will surely delight any child.

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