Obsessed: Top 10 Dinosaur Toys for Babies

Your baby’s brain develops during the early years through learning – by your baby interacting, observing and doing things. Age appropriate toys, from rattles to board books are great for stimulating your baby’s brain development. Dinosaur-themed toys are some of the most popular toys for babies and toddlers alike. To help you choose, we’ve picked out 10 of the best dinosaur toys for babies.

Top 10 Dinosaur Toys for Babies

Best Baby Dinosaur Toys – Our Picks

  1. Best Years Diplodocus Baby Rattle
    (Age suitability: Newborn | Price: $)

    What it is:
    Knitted baby rattle. Made of organic cotton.

    Why we love it:
    In two beautiful pastel colour options – baby blue and pastel pink, these beautiful baby rattles are knitted with organic cotton and are the perfect size for tiny little hands to hold and rattle. Oh, and did we say they are also machine-washable?
    Dinosaur Rattle for Baby
  2. Personalised Wooden Name Puzzle
    (Age suitability: 6 months + | Price: $$)

    What it is:
    A handmade, personalised name puzzle with the option to add up to 8 cute dinosaurs (with the dinosaur names engraved) on the puzzle board. It is a Montessori friendly gift.

    Why we love it:
    This letter puzzle is perfect for introducing little children to the alphabets because the first word or sound children recognize are their own names. It is completely customizable, and you can even modify the pieces to include little pegs to make it easier for the child to hold. What’s more, it is one of the few toys we’ve come across that is so incredibly stunning you’d want to display it on your mantlepiece. An absolutely perfect baby shower gift!

    Personalised Baby Dinosaur Toy Puzzle
  3. Baby Sensory Book – Dinosaurs
    (Age suitability: Newborn | Price: $)

    What it is:
    An interactive baby sensory book with a built-in dinosaur teether. It is made of non-toxic, soft and wear-resistant material that is made to withstand chewing, biting and tearing. It is also washable by hand.

    Why we love it:
    Sensory stimulation activities are very important in those first few months of a child’s life to boost the child’s brain structure. This book offers your baby different textures, shapes and colours to touch and feel. Some pages include hidden paper-like material that makes a rustling noise when touched. One reviewer said “Looking for just something to give to my new baby girl that was nice and soft. Saw the dinosaur and couldn’t resist the little cuteness.

    Soft dinosaur book for babies
  4. Fisher Price Dino Ball Pit
    (Age suitability: 6 months + | Price: $$$)

    What it is:
    A dinosaur ball pit that pops vibrantly coloured balls out of the mouth of the dinosaur.

    Why we love it:
    The ball pit encourages little ones to sit and develop their gross motor skills, with 8 playful tunes to keep them entertained. Your little one can fill up the dinosaur belly and be mesmerized watching the balls roll around. Occasionally when a ball pops onto the tail of the dinosaur, it rolls around, out of the mouth, and onto the floor, encouraging your little one to crawl and follow along, building the all important crawling muscles.

    Jheneya said “Of all the toys my 9-month-old received this Christmas, this is definitely his favorite one. He loves to stick his hands in the pit and grab for the balls as they go poppity pop. It’s only been a few days since Christmas and some of his other toys have practically been forgotten. But not this one. He goes back to it time and time again.

    Dinosaur Ball Bit Baby Toy
  5. V Tech Learn to Count Dinosaur
    (Age suitability: 12 months + | Price: $$)

    What it is:
    An interactive multi-function, pull along toy that doubles as a learning centre – teaching your child over 130 songs, colours, foods, shapes.

    Why we love it:
    VTech is a popular baby and toddler toy brand. Their toys are made of sturdy and easy to clean material, and for their toys that speak, their pronunciations are usually very clear. We love how this particular dinosaur toy can recognize and respond to the different food pieces you put into its mouth, making it a truly interactive experience for your baby.

    Robert commented “My child is obsessed with this thing. He will make me hold it for hours while he feeds it. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It seems to be holding up well to his abuse and there don’t seem to be any parts on it that would break easily.

    Baby Dinosaur Toy
  6. Lamaze Stroller Clip On Sensory Toy
    (Age suitability: Newborn | Price: $)

    What it is: An early learning soft sensory toy with squeaky and crinkly flaps. Clips on to the handlebar of strollers.

    Why we love it: This is a dinosaur-themed alternative to the very popular Freddie The Firefly made by the same brand. It’s called Flip Flap Dinosaur, and it has purple wings that flap about when you yank them! It has all the classic sensory materials that are designed to stimulate your baby’s tactile development.

    One reviewer said “Seriously, where were the flying dragons when I was a tot. This is the coolest toy ever. The wings flap perfectly every time. The colors are bright and fun and the patterns are perfect for babies.

    Baby Dinosaur Pram Clip On Lamaze
  7. Peppa Pig & Dino Bath Squirters
    (Age suitability: 2 year + | Price: $)

    What it is:
    A pack of 3 bath toys – Peppa Pig, George, and his best friend, Dino. Give them a squeeze to see water squirts out.

    Why we love it:
    This dinosaur toy is great for children who love both Peppa Pig and dinosaurs. All you need to do is pop them into the bath with your toddler and watch your child enjoy squirting water out of the dinosaur’s mouth again and again.

    This grandmother said “These were an add-on to another gift I ordered for my granddaughter’s first birthday, I had no idea what a hit they would be as teething toys, lol!

    George Pig and Dinosaur Bath Toy
  8. Ten Little Dinosaurs Board Book
    (Age suitability: 1 year + | Price: $)

    What it is:
    This is a book from one very popular board book series – “The Ten Little”. This one is all about ten little dinosaurs that went on an adventure when mommy dinosaur is taking a nap. Made of durable hard board material with no sharp edges, this book is also water and tear-resistant.

    Why we love it:
    My son absolutely adores this book. We’ve spent many nights following along the adventure, counting the dinosaurs down from ten to one… and his face lights up every time we get to the end when mommy dinosaur comes back with all ten of her babies on her back!

    Ten Little Dinosaurs Booard Book
  9. Dr Brown’s Dinosaur Pacifier Holder
    (Age suitability: Newborn | Price: $)

    What it is:
    This is actually a pacifier holder with an attached cuddly soft dinosaur toy, and it stops pacifiers from getting lost. The pacfier holder fits pacifiers of most brands.

    Why we love it:
    It’s so easy to lose pacifies especially when you are out and about, and those tiny little things are so hard to find! This soft toy is designed for your baby to cuddle and keep his pacifier close. Kristan said “This is by far the best paci plush I have ever owned. Far superior to wubbanubs. My daughter is no longer using a pacifier. However, she still loves to sleep with her unicorn every night.”

    Dr Brown Dinosaur Plush Toy Baby Rattle

  10. Magnetibook Treasure Box – Dinosaur Edition
    (Age suitability: 1.5 year + | Price: $)

    What it is:
    The box lid opens up into a magnetic landscape scenery that acts as a backdrop. Your little one can stick the various magnetic puzzle pieces on the backdrop to create shapes. This one is more suitable for toddlers than babies.

    Why we love it:
    We love how this toy is a bit like a limitless board book where your little ones can create their own stories using different dinosaur pieces during each play session. This is a great way to spark their creativity and imagination. There is also a deck of cards with pictures of completed puzzles you can pick from for guidance.

    Nicola said “It’s so easy to use, you choose a picture, pin it & watch your little ones recreate it using the magnetic pieces. It can all be tidied away back into the box too, which is perfect for travelling.”

    Magnetibook Dinosaur Toy for Toddlers

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How to Choose The Best Toys for Babies


If you are buying a toy as a baby shower or a birthday gift for a baby, it is good to remember that many parents have their own opinions about what kind of toys are suitable for their babies. For example, they might have a particular preference for Montessori-style toys, and some parents love pink colored toys for their girls. Cute little dinosaurs have always been a popular gender-neutral choice for babies, making it a safe choice for gifts.


The age recommendation on a toy can help you decide whether or not a particular toy is safe to be given to your baby. It also acts as a guide to help you decide whether the sensory stimulation it offers will keep your baby’s brain engaged when playing with it. Although it is tempting to buy an advanced toy for your child, for example a toddler’s toy for a baby, it is often best not to because a baby will quickly get frustrated (or bored) of it when she cannot make sense of the toy. Of course, the age recommendation is only ever a guide. Your baby will have her own preferences, so don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t play with a certain toy you were absolutely sure she will be excited about!


For safety reasons, it’s best to check that the toy does not contain small parts, sharp edges or battery compartments that are loose before you give it to your baby. Aside from that, it is worth remembering that babies put everything in their mouth, so easy cleaning options are always best.


Toys play a critical role in your child’s development. Dinosaur has always been a very popular toy theme for kids, perhaps due to the fascination we all share for this mysterious species. Overall, the best dinosaur toys are the ones that stimulate children’s senses and help them make sense of the world while they play.

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