Top 10 Dinosaur Shoes for Kids (2023 Review)

Dinosaur Heroes - Dinosaur Shoes for Kids Top 10

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We all know they grow up fast. And there is nothing more endearing than seeing little feet in stomping around in adorable footwear. From boots to sneakers to sandals, we’ve searched far and wide for the best dinosaur shoes for kids. In this list, we include everything from soft sole shoes designed to keep little baby’s feet warm in the crib, through to rain boots with light up displays for older kids.

All the shoes listed are either from well-known brands or ones with many positive customer reviews, so fear not, you are in good company.

Dinosaur Shoes for Babies

  1. Robeez Baby Crib Shoes
    (Size: 0 months to 4 years | Price: $)
    Robeez Baby Crib Shoes Dinosaur

    Why we love it: First off let’s start with what’s there for the very tiny kids. When you search on Amazon, you will come across Robeez as a popular brand for infant shoes, and for good reason. Their shoes have soft suede soles that mimic the bare feet feeling, supporting the tiny, growing feet without constricting them.

    Their infant dinosaur version has an elasticated ankle, making it easy to put on and off babies without hurting them.

    What people say: “Robeez seem to be the go-to footwear for budding walkers. The soles are great for stability, and it didn’t seem like we were transitioning our baby too quickly from bare feet or socks to hard-soled shoes. We are giving him the chance to get used to wearing shoes but still “feel” the ground beneath him.”
  2. Robeez Dinosaur Claw Crib Shoes
    (Size: 0 to 18 months | Price: $)
    Robeez Dinosaur Claw Crib Shoes

    Why we love it: For something a little more fun, this second model of crib shoes from Robeez are perfect. Similar to the first pair from Robeez above, this is a beginner-friendly pair of shoes with soft soles. However, this pair has four cute little claws on each feet that transforms your baby’s feet into fluffy claws!

    What people say: “This brand has been around for quite some time. I discovered them with my oldest child (now 13 years old) and started buying them again for my baby. They do not fall off. I have never lost a shoe! They aren’t tight around the ankles either. I highly recommend these for any baby.”

Dinosaur Shoes for Kids (Toddler and Up)

  1. Ikiki Squeaky Sneakers
    (Size: Toddler size 2 to child size 13 | Price: $$)
    Ikiki Squeky Dinosaur Sneakers

    Why we love it: Once your toddler starts walking, it is important to dress him or her in shoes that help with the development of his or her feet. Ikiki has one with a squeaky sole in a cute dinosaur design. Their shoes are made of breathable fabric with wide feet, flexible non-slip rubber soles. This means your toddler can wear this both indoors and outdoors when learning to walk. There is also an on-off button for the noise for when you want them to be “squeak-free”.

    With nearly 10,000 ratings with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this is one of the best reviewed shoes we’ve seen on Amazon.

    What people say: “She stomps around just to hear the squeaks and when I’m over it I can just switch it off. We get compliments everywhere and the shoes are made of very durable high quality material.”

  2. KomForme Classic Toddler Sneakers
    (Size: Toddler size 4 to child size 12 | Price: $)
    KomForme Classic Dinosaur Toddler Sneakers

    Why we love it: It’s a pair of classic canvas sneakers – which, in our opinion, is a must-have in every kids wardrobe – with a big range of colors and styles to choose from. You can even choose the specific dinosaur type you want on the sneakers. Perfect for little boys and girls that can differentiate their raptors from their stegosaurus.

    In terms of functionality, they have everything you’d want in a pair of sneakers. The top is made of breathable canvas material, and it has a rubber top cap to protect little toes from accidents. The in soles are made of memory form for greater support, and the white rubber sole is designed to be non-slip for extra safety.

    What people say: “They are the best shoes for these prices. My friends have even requested “dibs” on them when he grows out of them! 🙂 They have held up great so far and been washed a fair few times (my little boy has stinky feet!). The quality and price is simply unbeatable.
  3. Outee LED Rain boots
    (Size: Toddler size 5 to child size 3 | Price: $$)
    Outee LED Dinosaur Rain Boots

    Why we love it: Another pair with fantastic ratings (over 16,000 ratings with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars), this pair of rain boots by Outee is one of the bestsellers in the market. Their 100% waterproof rain boots are made of soft, flexible PVC that are comfortable and lightweight for little feet.

    Our favourite part of this shoe is the unique dinosaur-spine-like grip handles on both sides of each boot. The handles fit in perfectly with the dinosaur theme, and are super helpful for kids to learn to put on their own shoes and to hang them up when dirty, fuelling their sense of independence and achievement. (Editor’s note: My son was excited to “put on his shoes by himself” at around 20 months.)

    What people say: He never wants to take them off. They keep his feet dry and the lights at the bottom of the boots keep him entertained at the same time. 

  4. Carter’s Smart Boots
    (Size: Toddler size 4 to child size 12 | Price: $$)
    Carter Smart Boots Dinoosaur Navy
    Why we love it: Another popular kids brand, this pair is a hidden gem that took a little bit of effort to find. It’s more of a classy boot in navy blue with very subtle dinosaur prints all over the silhouette. The best part about this is the hidden zip closure behind faux laces. This design maximizes both practicality and fashion, making it a perfect complement to a smart-looking outfit.

    We note that there aren’t many reviews about this particular pair of boots. However, the Carter’s itself is a popular budget-friendly brand for kids clothing and footwear with over 7000 ratings on so do check out Carter’s full line up for other options on offer, including this dinosaur loop running shoe.

    What people say: “My grandson loved these especially because of the dinosaur design!”
  5. Jurassic World Claw Plush Slippers
    (Size: Toddler size 7 to child size 13 | Price: $)
    Jurassic World Claw Plush Slippers

    Why we love it: If you liked the Robeez crib shoes above that looks like claws, but want something for older kids, this is the perfect option for you. This pair of comfy slippers is from the original Jurassic World brand itself. It has soft padded cushions that surround your child’s feet to keep them warm especially in the winter, and great big 3D orange claws on each foot. Perfect as accessories to complete a dinosaur outfit costume or as a birthday / Christmas present for dinosaur-loving kids!

    What people say: “He was very excited to receive the claw feet to walk around like a dinosaur! This kid is very into Dinos, so needless to say these are a huge hit!”
  6. Jurassic World Waterproof Rain Boots
    (Size: Toddler size 7 to size 11 | Price: $)
    Jurassic World Waterproof Rain Boots Dinosaur
    Why we love it: Another pair of rain boots for toddlers and kids. This one has a big bold T-Rex lying across the calf of the boot and a Jurassic World logo printed on the back of the heel. The lining is made of moisture-wicking material that keeps feet dry during long wears, whereas the outsoles are deeply threaded for maximum grip on wet rainy days. The rain boots are made of natural rubber and is 100% waterproof.

    What people say: “Absolutely awesome fit. Great and it seems to be comfy for my main man!”
  7. Crocs Kids Clog – Dinosaur Edition
    (Size: Toddler size 4 to child size 1 | Price: $$)
    Crocs Kids Dinosaur Clog

    Why we love it: Slip into great style and comfort with this pair of Crocs. Rubber clogs are popular among kids because they provide good arch support, is easy to put on and take off, and is very easy to clean with just soup and water. They are also durable and offer a roomy and generous fit to cater for different feet shapes. This pair has a green dinosaur design and claw prints along the front.

    What people say: “My son absolutely squealed with joy when we pulled them out of the box. He’s obsessed with dinosaurs and nearly lost his mind when they lit up after he started stomping in them pretending he was a dinosaur.”

  8. STQ Beach sandals – Navy Blue Dinosaur
    (Size: Toddler size 5 to child size 12 | Price: $$)
    STQ Beach Sandals Dinoosaur
    Why we love it: A popular pair of beach and swimming pool sandals for water play (over 3700 ratings of 4.6 out of 5 stars). The sandals are designed with kids in mind. It is made of super stretchy fabric that dries quickly to keep little feet comfortable when playing with water. We specifically like the slightly raised toe caps at the front that stop your kids from kicking or walking into something hard accidentally (think hard rocks on the beach!). They do only have one blue dinosaur version however, but you can choose other styles (unicorn and rainbow) if you don’t fancy blue.

    What people say: “It’s lightweight, durable and comfortable! My daughter loves these! She can easily take them on and off herself! I love how they can be used in the water and outside of water. We were at the zoo and she stepped in duck poop. I simply washed them off in the bathroom and they dried fast as she walked!”

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Handy Guide to Buying Kids Shoes

Toddlers and kids are on their feet much more than adults – whether it is running in the park or climbing up and down sofas at home. It is therefore important to buy shoes that are fitting and provide good support for your kids feet, even though it might mean having to replace them every few months when they are young!

Here are some of the top tips we’ve found online from kids shoes experts that can help you pick out the best pair for your child.

  1. Choose the best possible fit
    Measure your kids feet regularly so that you know when to get them the next size up. Your child is unlikely to be able to tell you (at least until they are older), that their shoes are getting too tight, so it is important that you check in regularly to prevent their feet from getting squashed or sore. The rule of “thumb” here works well – allow an adult thumb width in front of your child’s big toe when buying a new pair will ensure they have sufficient room to grow into their shoes.
  2. Support and features
    Children’s feet are typically rounder and flatter than that of adults’. Look for shoes that are firm (but still flexible), and provide plenty of heel and ankle support. Some useful features include anti-slip soles for maximum stability, breathability for all day wears (especially important at day care or school settings), and buckle or velcro fastening to help your child put them on easily without your help.
  3. Right shoes for the right occasion
    Canvas shoes are one of the best everyday shoes for toddlers. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, durable and extremely affordable. However, there are times you may consider other types of footwear, which we’ve included above. Personally, we find having a pair of rain boots is essential – kids just have a tendency to run or jump into muddy puddles! Other options you might want to consider are beach sandals and cozy slippers to keep their feet warm in colder weathers.
  4. Choose one they will love
    We find that adults tend to forget that although we are the ones buying the shoes, our children are the ones having to wear them every day. You’d be surprised how young kids start to develop a sense of self. Even simple things like the design of their shoes can impact how they feel about themselves when getting ready to leave the house. So, if they love dinosaurs and want big bold dinosaur prints all over their shoes to have fun and feel empowered, let them have those shoes!


Compared to children’s clothes, shoes tend to get more wear over their lifetime, which is why it is always worth spending more to get a quality and durable pair. Aside from comfort and functionality, we’d always recommend getting a pair of shoes your child will love. Involve your child in your decision making, get shoes with their favourite characters on (dinosaurs in our case) and hopefully, this makes getting ready in the morning that much easier.

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