150 Great Names For Pet Dinosaurs (and Their Meaning)

What is a cool name for a dinosaur?

Common dinosaur nicknames include Dino, Godzilla, Rexy, Barney and Raptor. Here is a list of 150 nicknames for dinosaur toys and pets you can use to name your own.

In this article, you will find plenty of cute, cool, catchy, and even real dinosaur nicknames given to famous dinosaur specimens uncovered around the world. We’ve also included dinosaur names used in popular TV shows and movies, such as Jurassic Park, Walking With Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Train, and Disney, along with a brief description of their characteristics so you are bound to find something that is suitable for your toys and pets.

If you have a pet, you already know why are you looking for a name. But a dinosaur toy? Why should you name a dinosaur cuddly toy, dinosaur figurines or toy robots?

That’s because nicknames are endearing. Think about the times we give close ones a nicknames, like “Big Uncle Bob?” Nicknames makes you feel like you have a closer connection to the other person (or in this case, a pet or a toy), makes them memorable and their characteristics stand out. It also helps children create a more realistic fantasy world using their favourite toys.

Popular Dinosaur Nicknames

These are some common dinosaur nicknames that you may have already heard of. For a nickname that is easy to remember.

  • Dino
  • Godzilla, monster and dinosaur
  • Rex
  • Rexy
  • Raptor
  • Steggie
  • Iggie
  • Barney, from Barney and Friends
  • Yoshi
  • Dorothy, Dorothy the Dinosaur in the Wiggles who loves to dance
  • Grimlock, Earth dinosaur in the Transformers
  • General Scales, a powerful tyrant of the SharpClaw Tribe who believes in ruling through fear

Cool Dinosaur Nicknames

Some cool, action-loving dinosaur nickname ideas to name a pet or toy that likes to stomp around and cause mischief. “Daddy, here comes Broken Fang!”

  • Thunder
  • Roar-y (Rory)
  • Chomp
  • Crackers
  • Spike-a-saurus
  • Spiny
  • Spiky
  • Snappy
  • Speedy
  • Broken Fang
  • Chaos
  • Whacko
  • Chompstomp

Cute Dinosaur Nicknames

Adorable nicknames for dinosaurs. Our personal favourite is “Cutie-saurus” – We’ve even used it on our toddler when his hair used to stand up on the back of his head, similar to spikes running down the spine of a dinosaur. Of course, he grew out of it that hairstyle when he got older, but the sweet memories remain.

  • Cutie-saurus
  • Sweetiesaur
  • Rosa-saur
  • Grumpy
  • Spiky
  • Little One
  • Cuddles
  • Toothy
  • Smiley
  • Twinkletoes

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Strong Dinosaur Nicknames

How about naming your dinosaur “Scar” or “Crusher”? Definitely signifying one to show respect and not to be mess around.

  • Big Mike
  • Big Boss
  • SharpClaw
  • The King
  • Scar
  • Trike
  • Scar
  • Roar
  • Crusher
  • Devastator
  • Bulldozer

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Nicknames

From the characters of Jurassic Park. We won’t go into a debate on whether the T Rex’s original name is Rexy or Roberta (Bonus Trivia: Majority of fans address her as Rex but the original storyboards refer to her as Roberta). Nonetheless, they are both interesting names. Here’s a list of other dinosaurs featured in the movies.

  • Rexy (Name of the T Rex)
  • Roberta (Name of the T Rex)
  • The Big One (Name of the Raptors)
  • Randy (Name of the Raptors)
  • Kim (Name of the Raptors)
  • Charlie (Velociraptors, members of the Blue’s Pack that lived in Jurassic World Theme Park)
  • Delta (Velociraptors, members of the Blue’s Pack that lived in Jurassic World Theme Park)
  • Blue (Velociraptors, members of the Blue’s Pack that lived in Jurassic World Theme Park)
  • Echo (Velociraptors, members of the Blue’s Pack that lived in Jurassic World Theme Park)
  • Darcy (Indominus Rex)
  • Bumpy (Camp Cretaceous Baby Ankylosaurus)
  • Grim (Camp Cretaceous Baryonyx)
  • Chaos (Camp Cretaceous Baryonyx)
  • Limbo (Camp Cretaceous Baryonyx)
  • Toro (Camp Cretaceous Carnotaurus)

Dinosaur Train Nicknames

Dinosaur Train is an animated TV series aimed at pre-schoolers, following the story of Buddy the friendly Tyrannosaurs who was adopted by a Pteranodon family. The story follows Buddy as he goes on an adventure to uncover his origins and learn about the interesting Mesozoic world dinosaurs lived in, millions of years ago.

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The Good Dinosaur Nicknames

The Good Dinosaur is a 2015 computer-animated adventure film about young Arlo, who was swept away from his family home during a heavy rainstorm and went on an epic adventure to find his way home and be reunited with his beloved family. These are the names of the main characters in the film, and a brief description on the roles they play.

  • Arlo, a young Apatosaurus
  • Spot, a 7-year-old human caveboy who befriends Arlo
  • Butch, a Tyrannosaurus who runs a “ranch” filled with prehistoric “longhorns”
  • Ramsey, Butch’s daughter
  • Nash, Butch’s son
  • Thunderclap, a Nyctosaurus and the leader of a gang of pterodactyls
  • Downpour, a Caulkicephalus who is a member of Thunderclap’s flock
  • Coldfront, a Ludodactylus who is a member of Thunderclap’s flock
  • Poppa Henry, the father of the Apatosaurus family
  • Momma Ida, the mother of the Apatosaurus family
  • Buck, Arlo’s older brother
  • Libby, Arlo’s older sister
  • Forrest Woodbush, a Styracosaurus who has various animals perched on his horns
  • Bubbha, the leader of a gang of Velociraptor rustlers
  • Lurleane, a Velociraptor who is a member of Bubbha’s pack
  • Earl, a Velociraptor who is a member of Bubbha’s pack
  • Pervis, a Velociraptor who is a member of Bubbha’s pack

Walking With Dinosaurs Nicknames

Walking With Dinosaurs (The Movie) is a popular animated film that was set during the Cretaceous Period. It follows the story of Patchi, a young hatching among a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus (PATCHI-rhinosaurus, get it?). Patchi, a small but intelligent dinosaur overcame challenges, threats and heartbreaks to eventually take his rightful place as leader of his herd.

  • Patchi, a tiny underdog who eventually became leader of his herd. Curious and loyal
  • Scowler, Patchi’s older brothers. Ambitious and relentless
  • Gorgon Gorgosaurus, dangerous and outstanding villains
  • Alex, a wise bird and Patchi’s mentor and side kick
  • Juniper, THE girl and queen of the pack
  • Uncle Zack, palaeontologist
  • Bulldust, Patchi’s father, leader of the Pachyrhinosaurus herd

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Dinosaur Specimen Nicknames

Dinosaur fossils discovery is an exciting and ever-evolving area of science. Palaeontologists are working hard around the world to uncover more facts and learnings from the dinosaur specimens housed in various museums and discovery centres around the world. To help with research, many dinosaur specimens are given nicknames. Here are some of the most famous dinosaur specimens and their nicknames.

  • Louise The Pachyrhinosaurus, London Natural History Museum
  • Dippy The Diplodocus, Museum oof Natural History in The United States
  • Sarah The Stegosaurus, London Natural History Museum
  • Big Mike The T Rex, Museum oof Natural History in The United States
  • Big AI The Allosaurus, Museum oof Natural History in The United States
  • Sue The T Rex, largest, most extensive specimen ever found, Field Museum
  • Black Beauty, T Rex, Royal Tyrell Museum
  • Jane, small T Rex, Burpee Museum of Natural History
  • Wankel, T Rex, Museum of the Roockies
  • Scotty, T Rex, Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • Big Bar, Barosaurus
  • Bloody Mary, Nanotyrannus

If you’re into dinosaur specimens, don’t forget to check out this cool National Geographic Fossils Kit (real fossils included!)

The Land Before Time Nicknames

This 1990s film follows the story of Little Foot, a young plant-eating dinosaur as he braves the scary prehistoric world of dinosaur land to return and be reunited with others of his kind in the Great Valley. Along the way he met a bunch of new friends, Ducky, Cera, Petrie and Spike, as they avoid being caught by the killer dinosaur that mortally wounded Little Foot’s mother.

  • Ducky the “Bigmouth”, Saurolophus
  • Littlefoot the “Long Neck”, Apatosaurus
  • Cera the “Threehorn”, Triceratops
  • Petrie the “Flyer”, PteranodonS
  • Spike the “Spiketail”, Stegosaurus
  • Chompy
  • Longneck
  • Sharptooth, Tyrannosaurus

Disney Dinosaurs Nicknames

In the world of Dinosaurs – a Disney TV series in the 1990s, the roles are reversed. Humans are unsophisticated cavemen living as pets or wild animals, and dinosaurs roam the world freely. The show centers around the Sinclair family as they live their lives in the modern world, with TVs, fridges etc.

  • Sinclair
  • Robbie, one of the Sinclair children
  • Charlene, one of the Sinclair children
  • Fran, the mother
  • Earl, the father
  • Ethyl, the grandmother
  • The Baby, the youngest baby of the Sinclair children
  • Richfield, Earl’s boss at Wesayso Corporation
  • Mr Lizard

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